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Star Wars: Fallen Republic - version 0.9.2

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[KRIMEWAVE] Conviva Las Vegas <2020-09-18 // 1500 UTC>

<<2020-09-18 15:00 (UTC)>>
<> 3-5
<> 4-8
<> Las Vegas, PCC
<> Player Scaled/ Casino Heist / High Stakes
<> Le Jus Basique, SR5 CRB
A new job posting appears above a disused shadowy datahaven, a guest node on an old industrial host attached to a Dim Sum parlor in Everett...
Please consider a small donation with your purchase today to your local Knight-Errant Widows & Orphans fund. Tickets to your next Lone Star Security Officer’s Ball are also available from your local Safeway-MixtecaMarketon & participating Kroger-Raley’s franchises, and patrol officers may also have tickets! {{PLEASE DO NOT ACCOST OFFICERS DURING SECURITY PROCEDURES}} Your safety is our service!
[GAMBLING][PROSTITUTION][BODY MODIFICATION][ORGANLEGGING][TRAFFICKING][DRUG USE][SUICIDE][BRAINWASHING][SEXUAL CONTENT][DESCRIPTIVE COMBAT GORE] I cannot rightly disclaim any content from my run. Fading to black will be mandatory for all sexual content beyond social roll calculation. I will do my best to avoid offending players with unnecessary descriptive quality, but the world of Shadowrun that I create is dark, cruel, and brutal.
Please detail: Time since last run, your Discord handle if it is different than your Reddit, and the character sheets/info regarding runner pertinent to running(special interest groups, vendettas). IC responses are not necessary, but should be in the form of a calling card or referral memo from your Fixer to the Johnson.
[Disclaimer] ANYBODY CAN DIE AT ANY MOMENT: Consequences exist in all runs, and criminal activity carries the potential to be lethal for all participants. The dice tell a story, and they are often the most brutal storytellers of them all. Shadowrun is a dark setting in a world with a complex moral structure, but please keep me aware of your personal tolerance for violence, sexuality and filth.
[Disclaimer 2] YOU ARE CRIMINALLY COMPETENT: I assume your character has certain core ‘criminal competencies,’ including a loose knowledge of the laws they are about to be breaking, and certain world physics without codified systems attached, and I will check with you before you cross these thresholds if players appear unaware or about to take an action against their better judgement of the situation or that might put them at risk of an adverse interaction with security, law enforcement, ‘the authority,’ or possibly suicide themselves/the team unwittingly.
[Disclaimer 3] SHAKE IT! THE COPS ARE COMING: Apprehension by law enforcement, border patrol, military, corporate authorities, radical groups, syndicates, or other sufficiently-equipped remonstrating parties may have additional consequences to players depending on the circumstances around arrest, casualties/crimes committed, and what characters may be in possession of at the time of detention. Law Enforcement responsiveness & aggressiveness is the sliding scale of overall threat for the run.
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Everything you need to know about PSN Name changes and the Lists of games tested!

**Info taken directly from Official Playstation Blog. Every game tested Masterpost! Prepare to scroll! Descriptions of said issues listed below as well :)

Online Name Changes will rollout Starting at 5pm PST

First name change is free for all users. Unless you were part of the beta testing program as other beta testers have started to confirm on reddit.

Below are the lists of games containing:

Games with No Known Issues - Games which have been tested for the online ID change feature and no known issues were found.

Games with Issues Identified\* - Games which have been tested and were found to have one or more of the following known issues which we did not consider critical to the game play experience but which you should review to consider how important they are to you:

Games with Critical Issues*\* - Games which have been tested and one or more of the following known issues which we considered fundamental to the game play experience:

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[Race Report] Viva Las Vegas! A 24 Hour Journey. Beyond Limits Jackpot Ultra Running Festival

Race information


Goal Description Completed?
A 130 Miles (Course Record!) No
B 120 Miles No
C 110 Miles Yes

About the Race

My only other run close to this duration was the Canal Corridor 100 Miler, so most of my race report is written in comparison to that. Enjoy!
This course was a 2.5 mile loop around Cornerstone Park in Vegas. The shape of the course is more like a 'C'. So the far end of the loop (1.25 miles in) was actually very close to the start line. From there it turned around the far side of the lake. Very different then the past 100 miler I did, which was basically out and back 50 miles.
There were other events on the same loop. A 48 hour race started the day before. A marathon, 50 miler, 100 miler, 6 hour, and 12 hour event were all starting out at the same time as us. The 100 mile event was also the USATF championship race, so we knew there would be a lot of fast people on the course. I didn't know if such a fast, crowded, course would be motivational or irritating.
A good friend of mine, A signed up for the race too. He's a marathon runner, but hadn't done anything longer than that. What a great chance for a first ultra! I was a bit nervous that he wasn't entirely sure what he got himself into, but he had an enduring, positive attitude and definitely wanted to give it his all.


Run every day! Seriously, race day was day 1,884 and ended on 1,885.
Mostly just a few 20 mile runs. Longest training run was 30 miles, felt really good. Cold weather impeded training, but that's just an excuse.

Race strategy

My crew consisted of two of my sisters (C and M), and my girlfriend, J.
I'm used to doing my long runs out-and-back with a camelbak. However, a few days before the race, I was reading some tips for short-loop-ultras that said definitely do NOT wear a hydration pack. It'll only weigh you down and slow you down more. There should be more than enough hydration at the aid station. (Here's a tip: Don't read strategy changing tips right before a race!)
So I changed my plan to run with nothing, and bring my camelbak and water belt just in case. (I'm VERY glad I decided to bring them!)
The new plan was drink water every lap, with soda/gatorade added in after 20 miles.
Gu every other lap (5 miles)
Salt tab every 4 laps (10 miles)
Solid food every 4 laps (10 miles). We went grocery shopping the day before and got all sorts of great food. Sour patch kids, pretzels, potato chips, and fruit were some of my favorites.
Here's my packing list
And everything getting ready
Change clothes every 40 miles. I never made it to the 120 mark for the 3rd change of clothes. Hat and bandana in the sunshine, brought cooler clothes for the evening "just in case". That choice also turned out to be a life saver.
Advil as needed, body glide as needed.
No phone/music the first 40 miles.
A and I wanted to stick together as much as reasonably possible. Figured we'd start out at around 9 minutes/mile and slow down from there.


Got to Vegas a few days ahead of time to get acclimated. Lost too much money at the casinos.
Weather looked perfect, mid 70s, not much breeze. Lower in the night, and the wind was supposed to hold off until Sunday afternoon, so that wouldn't affect our race (ending Sunday morning 8AM).
Picked up our bibs the day beforehand and saw some crazy 48 hour runners.
I made a cool spreadsheet to track myself through the race, and it gave estimates on certain goal distances. Here's a screenshot of what it looked like at the end. Spreadsheet
My crew was great at updating it almost every lap, which gave me a good checkpoint on how hard I needed to keep going. This was extremely helpful!
We showed up early to the race to set up our aid station and cheer on the 48 hour runners that had already been going for 24 hours. Elvis and some showgirls showed up at the start line to kick us off!
A and I with Elvis's showgirls!


Here we go!

Miles [0] (Race time 00:00) to [40] (06:22)

The race started with the Elvis impersonator belting out 'Viva Las Vegas'.
A and I started off strong, doing about 8:30/mile. Way too fast to be sustainable, but the cool weather was nice. Also a bit of shade on the course at the start. As the sun came out, I needed to slow down a bit. Put on a camelbak after about 6 laps and then A started getting ahead of me.
Learned the course pretty quickly, and which parts I was going to love and which parts I was going to hate. Most of the lap was crushed gravel, with a little bit of grass, and a rough, rocky (in comparison) trail section at the end. There was also a tight hairpin turn just after the start over the race, which you also went around on the way back. This became irritating, as every time you had to worry about how you were going to take the turn, and who was coming the other way.
The shade disappeared quickly as the sun moved into the sky. I was sweating a lot and probably not drinking enough water. The first time I used the restroom around lap 10, it was way too yellow for comfort. Needed to drink more.
Started putting ice in my hat, which was painful but cooling. Occasionally took the camelbak off in favor of a smaller hydration belt with 4 water bottles. This was a nice break from lugging around the heavy pack. I switched back and forth a lot throughout the race, as the camelbak with ice allowed the water to stay much cooler.
I was a little put off because my watch was reading each lap as ~2.54 miles instead of the course certified 2.5 miles. I should've been more prepared for that. It only made it a little more difficult to track each lap, but I got over it eventually.
I was growing frustrated as I felt like I couldn't really find a rhythm. In comparison to the other 100 miler, where I could zone out for 10 miles between aid stations.
My crew was amazing at getting our aid station ready for every lap. They would meet me slightly before the lap marker, then run ahead to get whatever I needed. A few laps we got the Gu/Salt combo wrong, but I think on average I stuck to a Gu every other lap and a salt tab every 4 laps. I grew to loathe the sun, as there was literally no shade on the course in the daytime. I continued to slow down, and A even lapped me!
M made lots of great signs that my crew got to wave around each lap. My favorite was a chart with 50 laps on it, and they would cross one off each time A and I passed. Very motivating!

Miles [41] (06:22) to [80] (14:37)

The first change was refreshing, but we noticed some blood on my foot. One of my toenails was slicing a toe, so I knew I'd have to work with my crew to clip it off. But not yet.
During this segment, I carried my phone in my camelbak and started listening to music. It popped out of the pocket and fell a few times. Whoops. When I wasn't wearing the pack, I held it in my hand. I'm used to that on my training runs, but lugging around a phone for 20+ miles is still a workout. The music was definitely motivating, but I honestly enjoyed chatting with my crew and other runners. Heard a lot of the same stories out there. "Just keep going, as far as I can!", "We can do this!", "You'll never know your limits until you try to go beyond them!"
As the sun went down, I started to use my crew as pacers. With my girlfriend, I was able to walk an entire lap at a time, which helped keep me positive.
The biggest emotional wall for me was the clock. As I hit a big milestone like 12 hours or so, my thoughts were simultaneously "Yes, halfway there!" and "Holy crap, I have to do this for 12 more hours?!?!?". I tried to avoid thinking of that and focus on one lap at a time instead, but it was always there.
I like crunching numbers, so it was fun to work out the times for every mile. 2.5 mile course, so a 12 minute mile would be 30 minutes a lap. 16 minute mile would be 40 minutes a lap, or 1.5 laps an hour, etc. This mental math helped keep my mind busy.
I'm VERY glad I brought a headlamp (the race director said it was recommended but not required, as 90% of the trail was well lit). The rough, rocky section was not lit at all and I would've been a mess if I couldn't see.
Eventually it was time to cut the toenail. I yelled some nonsense about amputation, and "Cut me, coach!".
Saw A at the crew station too, still a lap ahead of me, and he had some bad blisters on his foot. Our crew helped pop some blisters and keep him going. What a team!

Miles [81] (14:37) to [117.5] (24:00)

Second change was also refreshing, and less blody than the first change. Wrapped my left foot up with a bandage, felt a blister coming on.
Very dark at this point. The Vegas skyline was pretty in the distance, and the night sky was beautiful. The trail at my feet was miserable.
I am so glad that I brought my hat, gloves, and a long sleeve pull over. It got way colder in the night than I thought it would. I used all of them throughout the night.
J should become my social media manager. She was posting updates on Facebook, so my phone was lighting up with notifications and messages of motivation from friends and family back home.
I switched my watch to show me only the current mile pace. This helped to keep me focused on one mile at a time. This led to a fun game where if I was walking during the beginning of a mile, I would jog to bring the average down to something more reasonable. Rince and repeat.
I thought seeing the 48 hour runners shuffling along might make me miserable, but I found the perseverence to be inspirational, if anything.
The spreadsheet was becoming a bit more clear that 130 miles was unattainable, so I started to set my sights on 120 or 115 miles. "I can do 20 minute miles and hit 100 miles. That's easy! But there's 6 hours left??? Kill me now" as an example of my thoughts.
Able to find a little bit of a better rhythym. I knew which parts of the course I wanted to run on, and where I wanted to walk (all the hills, and the imaginary ones too). I was less concerned with the mile times, but tried to keep them under 13 or 14 per mile. Pretty much every lap at this point was with a pacer. C is the other avid runner in the family, I think she did a total of 35 miles with me. Crazy! Sometimes I needed that, and other times I preferred run/walking with M or J.
I made sure to run one full mile past midnight to make sure I got my Sunday 'run' in. That mile was ~9:48, easily my best mile in that half of the race. The rest was sticking to the rhythm of walking the hills. Passed A, so we were finally on the same lap again. He was in a lot of pain and I felt bad for getting him in to this!
100 was a nice milestone, but I knew I couldn't stop there.
Slipped into the lead at some point. A bit emotional since I'd never really won a race before and I wasn't sure if I could hold the lead. My sisters were doing a great job on analyzing the results each lap, telling me who was catching up and who was slowing down. Most of the competitors near me made it to 100 and stopped. A stopped at 100 to take a nap and decide if he would go on or not.
Listened to "The Circle of Life" at sunrise, which was an amazing feeling. We were so close!
There was one person about 4 laps behind me and he looked good. I hate to say it, but the motivation of staying in first definitely helped keep me going.
The last 2 laps were mostly victory laps as my lead felt pretty solid. Started joy-walking to positive music. We're almost home! Crossed my final lap marker for a grand total of 117.5 miles, and first place to boot.


I thought I would break down and cry at the finish, but I just sat down at the lap marker with about 7 minutes left on the clock. I probably could've made it to the .5 mile mark, but I was satisfied with the distance, and it was great to finish surrounded by my team. Couldn't have been happier. Smoke a victory black and mild.
Here I am curled up in a sleeping bag by the finish line. I realized then that I didn't use any sunscreen, and was pretty burnt. I was alternating between chills and sweating. We waited around a (long) bit for the award ceremony, where I collected my first ever first place trophy, then headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. A flew home that night (insane!) and my sisters departed the next day. J and I relaxed in Vegas and (she) won and (I) lost money together.
I ate like a human dumpster the next few days. Pizza, chicken wings, burgers, and everything good.

What's next, and race reflections

I had a great time, but I don't know if I would to this course again. I might be interested in a smaller (mile?) loop.
Looking back, it was neat to have so many people and events on one course. There were some legends out there! The winner of the 48 hour event did 205 miles. Amazing! I don't know if I could handle that. Only one way to find out...
I didn't even mind being passed by the 100 milers (the winner did that in <14 hours!), since I was more focused on my own feet.
Overall I don't think I ate nearly enough during the race. Part of this was due to the nature of the course. In my 100 miler, I knew there were only a set amount of aid stations, so I had to eat a lot since I wouldn't see any food for 10+ miles at a time. In this race, it was always "Oh I'll be back in 2.5 miles, gotta keep moving", which led to some nausea and hunger pains around mile 70. I ate a bit more after that (hot dogs! hamburgers! pizza) which helped, but I should have stuck to the plan originally better.
I want to stress that I absolutely couldn't have done this without the help of my crew. C, M, and J, thank you very much!
And amazing recognition to A, who hit 100 miles in his first ever ultra. He went through an emotional rollercoaster and totally rocked it.
Thanks for reading this! I felt pretty lucid throughout the race, but trying to write through specific details was pretty difficult. I may have gotten some items out of order.
If this story of endurance has inspired you, consider making a donation to Back on My Feet, a charity that supports those experiencing homeless through the power of running and community support, providing essential employment services and housing opportunities. Back on My Feet Philadelphia

Garmin Data

Garmin Data
My favorite highlight is 15,000+ calories burned.

Other Race Pictures

M cheering me on and me looking confused
Flying across the finish line
Victory In-N-Out
Garmin mile marker map So many miles, in such a small area!

Previous Race Reports

Canal Corridor 100 Miler
Dirty German 50 Miler
Zion 50K
North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco 50K
This report was generated using race reportr, a tool built by BBQLays for making great looking and informative race reports.
Edited for grammar / spelling
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The 50 Worldbuilding prompts by u/Mansardian for "Twilight of Adventure"

Edit: added the questions.
Question 1: Suppose I'm transported to the most pleasant place in your world; where would I go for lodging, and what should I order off the menu?
Best place to lodge is in Draconia. It has a nice rustic charm to the entire city and the dragons there are super hospitable, they'd gladly lend a room for the night. It's quite dangerous though so you'd need to be ready for anything. Best thing to eat there is in Azure's Grill. The honey-lamb spit roast is to kill for, has a unique charm to it since it's cooked with dragon fire.
Question 2: Wandering through one of your world's cities, a thief steals my wallet. I report the incident to a local authority. Who would they be, and what will (Or won't) they do about my stolen wallet?
Say you're wandering through Canterlot, the city guard would handle your stolen wallet. They'd ask you to identify the cutie mark the thief in question had and then cross reference with their big book of cutie marks till they find a person they can trace. Ponies without them are very, very distrusted because they're like individuals without a serial number. Just don't piss the guards off, otherwise they might get a little happy with their saps.
Question 3: I dive to the bottom of the sea. What wonders, treasures and curiosities will I find on the seabed?
You'd need a Water Solarian to give you enough breath to get you that deep (and they give you water breathing for a minutes by kiss). What you find are the wrecks of various artifacts from long forgotten times, as well as various warships, some of which do not even resemble contemporary wooden ship designs, and look more like modern naval vessels, implying someone dominated the planet of Equis before the current races did.
Question 4: Now stuck in your world, I would like to continue my studies. What university, academy or similar institution would I want to apply for? (Bonus question: Where would I actually end up studying?)
Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is THE school to study at. They have universities that are as old as the country itself. Granted you are much more likely to end up studying at cheaper university, Rockhammer Collegiate is the only university that is free as it was established by the local heroes to make post-secondary more accessible.
Question 5: What strange beliefs do your peoples have about places lying beyond the known world? (Here be dragons!)
For strange beliefs, There was a massive earthquake detected in Equestria, triangulated to the Barrier peaks eons ago. No one knows why it happened, theories range from evil mage to "A warship from the stars above." The latter was confirmed to be true as the heroes from Rockhammer went on an expedition there on their quest to defeat Balsam the Eternal.
One that hasn't been solved yet was the conundrum of what happened to the various heroes, or why they're returning. Most people speculate it's the Princess' punishment for not having enough friendship.
Question 6: Pets and mounts. Which are some of the interesting ones your world has? (Bonus question: For what are they used?)
Well, since they're mostly ponies, they don't have a lot of mounts. Hydras and Wyverns are the only ones used, and they're mainly to fulfill the roles of heavy and light cavalry respectively. designed to destroy front lines with their sheer size and regeneration or hit and runs of beats sweeping down from the flanks, devilishly hard to kill, even with the advancing firearms.
Question 7: Days, Weeks, Months, Years. How are they measured and what are they called?
for player's sakes, I use the standard Gregorian calendar. current year is 1598 AC (After Celestia), Year 0 was when Celestia was born.
Question 8: Can you give me the synopsis of one of your people's cultural/national epics? (The foundational myths.)
The creation myth of the ponies goes like this. Long ago, when they were still horses running in herds from predators, 3 ponies, known to history as Firefly, Ibis and Runner, got lost from the herd, they were all starving and needed to find a way back. They find a Zap Apple tree that was just barely in season. It only had 1 apple. Firefly and Ibis were fighting over who needed the apple more, each arguing for themselves, getting nowhere. When they needed to sleep, Runner woke up in the night and split the apple evenly before disappearing into the night. When Firefly and Ibis woke up, they decided to eat the apple halves. When it blessed them with knowledge to know true from false, they understood the sacrifice Runner made, and vowed to tell their herds about this plant, determined to never, ever let Runner's memory go to waste.
Question 9: What do your common folk do for fun? (Bonus question: What does the elite think about this?)
The only races that have any time for leisure that is worth talking about are the dragons in Draconia, it tends to be dancing in an elegant manner with one another. The dragons do this as it's an opportunity to show off the various gems or battle trophies they have been able to harvest from the mine and it's monsters, a very dangerous proposition.
Question 10: Can you tell me a tale that is fictional within your world?
"A call denied" Is about a community of ponies who abandoned their desire for friendship, seeing it as an immoral constraint, and that ponies should simply let one another live their lives how they see fit, as it's not the moral imperative for others to care. It preaches objectivist values, which are considered to be the polar opposite of friendship.
Question 11: I want to travel from one edge of the known world to the other. How do I go about this, and is it possible?
buy a Wyvern. After this, simply fly from one edge to another, you will need to make the occasional stop, but this isn't so hard as it's simply a single continent at the moment. If you're particularly brave though, some have tried venturing over, no one has returned to sucessfully chart it, at it's very taxing for a Wyvern to fly that far.
Question 12: Can you give me an example (or more) of differences in morality between people in our world and inhabitants of yours?
An example of differing morality are Gnolls. They are carnivorous hunter-gatherers who were very recently uplifted with contemporary technology. When they ended up eating a few ponies, Equestria was appalled to their core, as to them, it was tantamount to cannibalism. As the few killings rose, Equestria gave a call to arms, calling it "The final solution to the Gnollish problem." They called it off after nearly 200 years of trying, but with absolutely no apology from Celestia, seen as a paragon of morality by equestrians, the Gnolls are still bitter.
It's sad to see genocide is a genuinely sane response sometimes, but it's even sadder when the victims doing the "wrong" in question never had much choice to begin with. It's hard for me as the GM to say who's right (as it's the example I give of my primary gripe with the alignemnt system.)
Question 13: Zoos, Waterparks, Amusementparks. Do you have any equivalent?
Zoos, Water parks and amusement parks. The griffons have a zoo, full of creatures that aren't from the material plane of Equestria that were incredibly hard to detain, and The expedition to the Barrier Peaks revealed that the ship the Solarians crashed to Equis in had an amusement park built into it, but I haven't made a water park yet as it is seen as a waste of water and the technology doesn't exist yet.
Question 14: What's the biggest, most beloved celebration of the year?
Hearth's warming eve, telling the story of how the 3 races of pony united before Celestia was born. The 3 races faced an everlasting winter, the elders and their aides traveled to Canterlot thinking they would be the first to form a new society. When they discovered they didn't, the winter hit Equestria and the leaders froze with hatred, the only thing that saved the day was the aides coming together as friends, causing the winter to subside. It is considered as universal a holiday as Cristmas is in our world, a time to stay home from work and be with your family and friends.
Question 15: What's the latest fashion and/or what type of clothing never goes out of style?
The Gnoll dagger tribe, the only one of the 3 Gnoll tribes that switched to agriculture after their uplifting, have actually made great strides in fashion, using gears with various shapes as ornate necklaces, the aesthetic quality being the spikes on the gear, the tribe has even started making their own simply for fashion purposes, with no engineering benefit whatsoever.
Question 16: Can you tell me about the itinerant folk of your world? (Bonus: Why do they travel?)
The itinerant folk are usually blank-flanks who are looking to find their talent in some way that isn't in their own hometown, Griffon mercenaries who are refugees from their tyrannical government but only know war, Gnolls who simply want to learn about Equines to try and understand how to make amends with the ponies or single mothers who are pregnant and need the money travel to Draconia to sell some of their milk for dragon cheese production
Question 17: It's late at night and I'm hungry, what food venues are still open?
Plenty of griffons who are half owl have inherited the same circadian rhythm. Meaning you might have some luck with a griffon restaurant if you're hungry at 3 am.
Question 18: Which arts are most appreciated in your world?
Magic shows from plenty of unicorns. They cast various tricks to demosntrate the capacity of their magic, as the sky is the limit. The dragons have similar artistic demonstrations with the various ways they can blow their flamed, sometimes teaming up with unicorn troupes to add to the company with magic AND fire.
Question 19: Can you tell me about your world's seven (or other number) wonders?
There are 2 major wonders. The first is the crater is the crashed ship in the Barrier Peaks. Not even the occupants remember how it got from Equestria, the Ark was on autopilot the entire time. The second is the Canterlot watchtower. Built on the peak of the Canterlot mountains, you can literally see Equestria from that one spot over the horizon. Bottles of cloud strapped around the muzzle are the only way to walk up to the peak and observe this magnificent view.
Question 20: What's the closest your world has been to wholesale destruction? (Apocalypse)
Apocalypse. That one's actually around the corner. Basically, with Balsam the eternal's plans involving assassinating the 4 princesses, If he were to succeed, would risk to destroy the tenuous unite the ponies have. Of course, if he succeeds but the heroes still end up killing him, the resulting tensions caused by the death of the princesses mortal forms cause a world war. And since heroes with powers are becoming even more common than they were originally, mercenaries are gonna be hired, mercenaries will turn into marauders, and what would've probably remained a war without heroes or Solarians, turns into a fiasco risking the very collapse of society on the continent itself.
Question 21: Can you give the lyrics for a song from your world? (Alternative if you have no lyrics written: Can you tell me the meaning of one of your world's songs?)
The song in question is "Heart of Courage" by 2 steps from hell. It's a gnoll song from the Warlock tribe. It was written during the total war against the Equestrians, as a reminder that no matter how bleak the odds seem, there is always hope around the corner. As of the present, it is considered a tribute to Balsam the Eternal, who the gnolls view as that light around the corner, even if he is secretly using them for his own nefarious goals.
Question 22: How many people roam your world, and who do you count as 'people' ?
The continent of Equestria boasts a population of 200 million, 32% are Griffons, 44% are ponies, 14% are Dragons, and 10% are Gnolls. Changelings are not considered people, just another nuisance in the draconian mines.
Question 23: Can you tell me a little something about your world's organized crime?
There's a gang of pegasi called the Cloudsdale brotherhood. They run underground sword fighting rings within the city, but their most profitable operation is done by the boss himself, Straight Haste. His son was born into the life and is notoriously ungrateful, so when his son, Shadow Haste, found a black jack game with an exploitable trick (allowing a Ace-9 split, thanks to Cloudsdale's gambling laws, this is a pretty straightforward hustle that my dad did in real life to a game that was still in testing, pulled home 10,000$), Straight Haste dug up some incriminating evidence on the casino boss to make sure it stays that way.
Question 24: I look above, what do I see? (What colour is the sky, what do the clouds look like, how many moons, can I see the stars?)
You see a standard starry night and sunny sky, you also see pegasi and dragons flying about, as well as cloudsdale, whose position is dependent on the season of Equestria as they are responsible for the weather, similar technology is currently being tested for airships as a possible counter measure to wyverns by the Griffons should they face Equestria again in battle.
Question 25: What are the boundaries of what is magically possible?
The raw power of the alicorns is the only real magical limit of what is possible. It would take the entire essence of everypony in Equestria (including Discord) to be evenly matched against them, so Balsam's plan is contingent on getting the Solarian Ark ship running and crashing it into the castle as fast as he can, likely destroying Canterlot in the process as the ship is made out of an alien alloy and Caneterlot is built into the side of a castle.
Question 26: Disease shaped our world, so what role have plagues and the like played in your world?
Diseases. Now, diseases have been responsible for the accessibility of magic, but since anything anyone could ever need to cure their ails is in the bottle of a potion, doctors have a lot fewer jobs available and often turn to brigandry in order to make ends meet back home in Equestria and the Griffon kingdom. In the Griffon kingdom specfically, because the Archpriest of the Order of Kindness is a leper, leprosy is considered an omen a particular griffon will live a short but fulfilling life, and in the griffon tongue, translates literally as "The burning flash", in reference to the proverb "The star that burned half as long, burned twice as bright".
Question 27: Can you give me some insults specific to your world?
Birdbrain is the N-word to the griffons. Blank-flank is simply a pretty childish insult by ponies. Gnollic faith is an insult to someone who seems shifty used by ponies. Bare face is an insult dragons use against ponies and griffons.
Question 28: What's the most valuable material in your world, and how is it used?
Dragon wood is a material from Draconia, it evolved from trees that needed to become fire resistant, and thus became part metal, since the dragons were breathing fire constantly, they are watered with lakes of lava and are used in the most prestigious of weapons as it is incredibly durable and insanely difficult to shape.
Question 29: What will be served for a typical breakfast?
daily breakfast is warm cereal and a tall glass of milk for ponies of lower class, a fruit platter for equestrian nobility. Eggs cooked in a wide variety of ways for Gryphic slaves. Various cuts of belly meat for Gryphic nobility, such as bacon, beef tenderloin and lamb breast, all cut into thin strips and presented in an elegant manner. Draconian people of all class, as it's a meritocracy, tends to simply be a stein of mead.
Question 30: Where do people get the news? (Do they have an established media system, or is it word of mouth, or... ?)
The town crier in various cities reads the newspaper aloud. They're all written in the common tongue so the people can understand it and verify the government is being open. In Draconia it is the town Elder's job to deliver the news to the tribe at the end of the week in a massive conference but only to the leadership, the leadership then disseminate it from word of mouth. The griffons have no written language and simply use courtroom sketch style artwork as a guide and describe the detail in question, this also allows the government to censor what they please as very few can double check. The gnolls simply go via word of mouth.
Question 31: From the christian cross to the nike icon, our world is filled with recognisable symbols. What are your world's most widespread symbols?
The cutiemarks of the princesses of Equestria. The griffon claw mark as a symbol for the griffon race as a whole in another powerful one. The Dragons have adopted the dragon wood trees as their national symbol, given the rarity of them even inside the kingdom and their price mean they are seen as very powerful symbols all across the globe.
Question 32: How much of a career can a writer have in your world?
In Equestria, that depends on the cutie mark of the writer. very few become one, but anyone with the mark is bound to do something great with their lives in their own special way, In Draconia, they tend to export dragons who can write as scribes, since dragons can send messages by burning them up, basically making them telegrams but without the morse code.
Question 33: I am in search of work. Where could, would and should I apply?
Farms and blacksmiths would be your best bet. If you're a newcomer, you're more likely to be working in a blacksmith as it's considered the most sanitary job if you take the right precautions, so it's where people with unknown medical history or actively ill end up working.
Question 34: I take a big shovel and start digging, what do I see? (Colour and substance of the ground. Worms, insects, other creatures, etcetera.)
You find a lot of standard dirt in Equestria, you're mostly gonna be shoveling snow in Gryphus until you hit permafrost, and in Draconia, you'll mostly find the most fertile soil ever, consisting of mostly ash, thanks to the copious amounts of volcanoes. If you dig hard enough you might even find a city in Draconia. Gnoll lands tend to be either sandstone or simply sand. Even water if you're lucky.
Question 35: I'm reading through the history books. Which names am I sure to come across?
Balsam the Eternal is bound to come up a lot. considering he tried to start a civil war in Equestria, many people wrote about him across all 4 races. Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Cadence are bound to come up alot in books covering geopolitical history, while Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are going to come up in a lot more folktales, especially in Gryphus.
Question 36: Is it possible to enhance your body through means other than hitting the gym and eating well? (bio-augmentations, cybernetic implants, magical enhancements, or…?)
Absolutely, Cyber augs exist and are becoming popular thanks to one of the heroes of Rockhammer named Havlore, who is extensively modified to compensate for a number of birth defects and wishes to start a society of his own. Taking inspiration from "A call denied".
Question 37: How is public sanitation taken care of? (Bathhouses, hot springs, sewage, public toilets, sewage disposal?)
Urine in collected in tanks in villages, and the pegasi collect it and treat it with various potions to repurpose it into rainwater, sometimes they get sloppy, hence patches of yellow snow, as well as equines using the manure for fertilizer. Griffons on the other hand have downright abysmal public sanitation and haven't worked out a system yet. Dragons, being impervious to flame, simply build their lavatories into puddles of lava, any "contaminants" are burned up or create rock.
As for self hygiene, ponies use buckets of water, Gryphons use a sauna to heat their homes and thus use the hot water as a bath for scrubbing. Dragons once again use lava and loofas made from cooled igneous rock (derived from urine in the lava that caused it to cool) as loofahs for exfoliating their scales and scrubbing.
Question 38: Can you explain one of your world's sports to me?
The most common sport in Draconia is a lacrosse variant, it trains discipline with a glaive and is a lot more violent. Full contact, especially with the net and your body is permitted and even encouraged, but so is team work.
Question 39: Can you tell me about your world's boogie man?
Gnolls warn their pups about Adlets. While they are in fact Gnoll kind's direct ancestor (like Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens), they are often feared as unpredictable and preying on lazy and incompetent younglings, due to their unknown nature and similar predatory behaviours, with the occasional alleged sighting of an Adlet keeping the myths alive.
Question 40: Can you describe the architectural styles of you world? (high/low, peaked/rounded, ornate/modest, open/closed etcetera)
Equestria tends to be very rustic style wooden homes with thatched roofs, except for Canterlot which tends to build everything like it's a medieval castle. The griffonns tend to have a lot of rock homes and shaped in diverging added buildings, like trees. Dragons have very brutalist architecutre but have very beautiful masonry in their cities, the cities simply follow the caverns they find.
Question 41: Can you give me a linguistic overview of your world? (Language families, broad distribution, intelligibility, lingua franca, trade language, etcetera.)
there are 4 language families: Gryphic, Equestian, Draconic, and Gnollish. Most people know Equestrian as the Lingua Franca, especially the griffons who need to write things down. Gryphus' history is simply in the oral tradition, and Draconic is only spoken in inter-tribal discourse in Draconia. It is however, the basis of the Changeling language, which is a mishmash of Equestrian and Draconic.
Question 42: What are your world's superstitions? (Bonus: Where do these beliefs come from?)
I'm actually gonna need help on superstitions.
Question 43: Can you give me the descriptions of some of your world's cheeses?
In Equestria, blue cheeses are very popular as refrigeration technology does not exist, only way to preserve food is to bottle it like wine. In Gryphus, the cheese there are fresh cheeses as they can be preserved outside in the snow most of the year. In Draconia, cheese is a very alien substance to them as they are reptilian and don't have livestock, all their food is either imported or hunted from monster in the mine. yet the few ponies who travel there, if they are mares and are expecting, sometimes provide their own milk which dragons pay high prices for, not knowing any better. The cheeses made are hard, aged for years and is fit only for an Elder.
Question 44: What does an average household look like? (Is it a modern nuclear family, or a multigenerational feudal household? Do pets live inside?)
The households tend to be multi-generational in the griffon kingdom as each family adds a room to the house to make it a big and mighty tree. Some very old families have massive homes. Equines and dragons tend to be based on the nuclear family.
Question 45: How are children treated in your world? (Until what age are they considered to be kids? Are children allowed to work? Can they vote? Are they considered people or property? Do daycares and schools exist? Has the concept of teenageyoung adult been introduced in your world?)
Griffons consider their fledglings kids until they can fly, at which point they are considered capable of making their own decisions. Ponies until they get their cutie marks and have a direction in life. Dragons, adult hood is proven and granted when ready. Public schools are nonexistant except for Equestia, and even then it's quite rare. Most kids tend to be homeschooled.
Question 46: What do people in your world value most in a leader? (Strength? Kindness? Rationality?)
Griffons, it's strength and piety to their order's patron element, Gryphus is in fact a theocratic oligarchy. In Equestria, it tends to be age that is the most valued trait, hierarchies often divided merely by who is older. In Draconia, it's by wisdom, Elders name a successor to be considered for when they die, and if the village agrees, the individual is crowned leader, as it's a responsibility that is earned and must be endured for many, many human lifetimes.
Question 47: What are some common names in your world? (Bonus: Why are they popular?)
Haven't thought about common names. Names tend to be attributes about an individual, somehow related to their talent or their parents.
Question 48: Is magic regulated in any way? (By the government, academia, religion, vigilantes, or…?)
Magic is suppressed in Equestria, but only mildly, at most you need a permit for anything beyond tricks and levitation, which is part of registration at CSGU. In Gryphus and Draconia, it is not regulated at all and is in fact encouraged. Gryphus specifically however conscripts all magic users into one of the orders that the conscript seems best suited to.
Question 49: What is taken for granted in our world, that is desired in your world?
Self determination. Sure you may take it for granted that you have free willin the real world, but Equestrians are often assigned a very specific destiny, sometimes ones they don't even want, simply because their cutie mark appeared in a very specific way. Thus they want to be able to forge their own destinies, sometimes even go out on adventures
Question 50: I’ve spent quite some time in your world by now, and would like to settle down. How do I obtain a house?
In Equestria, get the tools and Get to work. In Gryphus, marry into someone's family. In Draconia, you must offer a tribute to the village elder as a sign of trust. Give him something of value to you, and he will give you a home.
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Let's Get Ready to [Insert Any Word With A R Here]!!!!! {2017-06-10 20:00 UTC}

{2017-06-10 20:00 UTC}
Run: Let's Get Ready to [Insert Any Word With A R Here]!!!!!
Players: 4 ++ Players.
Expected Duration: Varies. Lemme know how long you are willing to run.
In game location: Redmond, Seattle
Communications: Skype/Discord & Roll20
Threat Level: A very pink Mirrorshades
Job Type: Gladiator match/sabotage, sucka!
Mood: Mixed-feelings.
Prerequisites: Character sheet, knowledge of rules, good attitude and loves to have fun, as well as patience for a GM who went on hiatus. Also, anybody who are not dumb enough to let other people know they are using a fake SIN.
IC Description:

You received a message titled "FOR ANYBODY WHO WANTS NUYEN!!!" written as the title, with nothing but an attached trideo inside. Either it is out of curiosity, accidental touch, prank, or worse, pressing it, you started this following trideo message.
Static starts before it slowly focus into better resolution, showing a man with a red bozo hair looking at the camera. Two or three humanoid shadows can be seen at the background. The man with the red bozo hair suddenly speaks up.
He smacks the camera/commlink, before smiling a bit and looking at the people projecting the shadows.
“Right, get away from the light, ya drekheads! Shoo! Shoo!”
A shadow stays still, and the man with the red bozo hair suddenly clocks a revolver out of nowhere and aims at the being.
"I said.....GET OUT!"
The man shoots twice at the being, with the being quickly duck to the sides. The man throws away the revolver before looking back at the camera again, and smiles. He starts speaking elegantly, like he is in a ballroom party or something.
"I apologise for the lack of manners my boys shows just now, I must teach them some lessons about this. Anyway, back to business."
"I have a job, that requires....many, many dirty tricks that won't see the light of the damn clouded big ball of light up in the sky, and inside some place."
"More details will be given, but we have to meet first."
"If y'all are familiar with the Jason/Danny's Bar and Grill located in the Casino Corner, Everett, then meet me there, at the backroom!"
He suddenly jumps up and looks even closer to the camera now.
"This is a SERIOUS JOB I am offering right now, so if any one of you want to try to be idiotic about this..."
He pulls out a revolver out of nowhere, and clicks the hammer.
"Well, let's just say you will not like to have one toe less...."
He sits back again, balancing himself at the chair.
"All and all, I can guarantee this will be a fun run, and you runners should come!"
"6 P.-"
The trideo suddenly stops.
  • Mr.Johnson Happy-Fingers
OOC: Reply to this message like how your character will react to this message, either back to your fixers to reply back, or directly to P.C.Jo. Please let me know if you have a hard time cap.
Oh, and I may be a bit rusty, so be patient with me, m'kay? M'kay.
Selections will close within 1 hour to 30 minutes prior the run, and perhaps more players will be if situation demands it or if I feel like it. And please reconfirm your timezones first! Thank you.
Not a Flower - Bunni
Not a Hippie - Lifeline
Not a Peace Sign - Mulder
Not a Dove -
Not an Olive Branch -
Not a Broken Rifle -
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Found this Essay I wrote from a while back

Had to write a descriptive essay back when I was in school and just came across it again. Disclaimer: the featured hand is the cliche climax where the villian gets there on the river but the essay is mainly for descriptive purposes-not high level poker content lol. If you read it, hope you enjoy.
Commerce Casino
"All in", that moment in poker when you put your entire stack on the line. I'm sitting at an oval table resembling a horse track with nine other degenerates all trying to do the same thing: win big. Beads of sweat start to form on my forehead, my mouth gets dryer as the rate of my heartbeat increases to a rapid gallop. I can feel blood pulsing and beating in my temples like war drums, but why? With the first three cards shown, I have the best hand at the moment. The sucker at the end of the table called my all in bet but his hand needs to improve in order to beat mine. With two cards to come, the gentleman, if he's worthy of that title, given the fact that he's already had two warnings from the staff about patting a waitress' rear, seems confident that he'll get lucky and his card will come. He needs a diamond. Around me there is table banter: A couple of Asian men looking like they just got off of work, talking to one another about poker strategy, or something else, I couldn’t tell. Young online gambling prodigies crunching numbers and blabbing about odds and statistics. Apparently, the likelihood of my opponent catching the card he needs to best me is roughly thirty five percent. There's always a frail old man at the table who sits expressionless and is almost a bigger distraction than the actual loudmouthed players themselves. You almost feel guilty about taking his money but, in an environment like this, there’s no room for that. Around me people are ordering drinks, drunkenly spilling on themselves, the table, and other players. Overly confident Middle Eastern business men singing aloud to themselves as if they think no one is around. And that's just my table, one of fifty-four in a crowded side room of the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.
The casino is built into a Crown Plaza Hotel located in the industrial area of Commerce, California. The décor does not have direction, there is a Greek-style fountain in the front of the building and you are greeted by Sphinxes in the lobby. The carpets attempt to be elegant with its green Renaissance era floral pattern but it only comes off as desperate; the same desperation that ninety percent of these gamblers experience on a day to day basis. There is a subtle smell of cigarette smoke baked into the walls that has almost dissipated from the days when it was still legal to smoke indoors. That doesn’t bother me because when I play poker, I smoke. In order to maintain this degenerate image I project, in order to sell the experienced poker player persona, I need to have another vice to compliment my gambling. I don’t drink when I play, so smoking will do. Along the path to my table, I walk through the casino hearing cheers of joy and cries of anguish as players gamble with their paychecks and rent money. The shuffling of chips in the players’ hands sounds like rain falling into an aluminum gutter, trickling down the drain over and over again. To my right at the bar, waitresses are serving drinks with fake smiles to entice greater tips from hopeful men.
The next card is a spade. There is a skip in the powerful beat in my heart as I feel that I’ve dodged a bullet, but the relief is short-lived since there’s another card to come. I sense my opponent at the other end of the table experience the same skip in his rhythm but for a different reason. His disappointment is followed by the distressed pleas to the Poker Gods, “One time! One time!”. As he prays for his card to come, I quietly pray that it doesn’t.
I pass a lone security guard sitting in his booth overlooking part of the room, he’s not paying attention, going through the motions of his mundane job. I’m just short of twenty one years old and have a baby face to boot but he doesn’t notice. I’ve been coming here for the past three years and the jolt of adrenaline of possibly getting caught when I step into this building has worn off. It used to be exciting, something new; my main distraction in my “game” was looking over my shoulder to see if someone was “radio-ing me in”, but that doesn’t cross my mind anymore and soon won’t be an issue at all. In order to get a table, I navigate my way through a sea of passing players to put my name on the waitlist, trying not to clip their shoulders with mine. The room has a subtle odor of an old cafeteria but is overpowered by the countless bodies sitting at tables.
Playing poker in a casino this size is a germophobe’s worst nightmare. Hundreds of players touching the same chips, same cards, coughing, sneezing, eating, wiping their hands across their nose; the Purell stations at each entrance are staring at you with a grin, mocking you because even they can’t sanitize what’s breeding in the room. This is my haven because this is where I hope to make it big and become a professional poker player. This is the lifestyle I desire, the big life, like you see on TV. I envy those guys, living in the Las Vegas suites, playing poker day in and day out, partying in the best clubs, traveling to other countries to increase the size of their bank roll. The filth, cheap décor, and childish thrills are just stepping stones along the path to poker stardom.
My name is called and I once again find my way through a multitude of players to my table. I empty my wallet by taking out five crisp one hundred dollar bills and give it to the chip runner who confirms “five hundred on seat three”, as he’s been trained to do. Hands come and go as I get into my groove and zone out on the dark green felt table. After playing for a few hours, I notice that same dark green felt under all of my finger nails from the excessive shuffling of chips and mindless activity that my hands perform on the table. It’s all part of the charm. The hand of the night is dealt and I’m all in, with only one card left to come, I’m in great position to take down a very large pot. Both my opponent and I are staring intensely down at the table where the previous cards have been laid out, waiting for the last one to drop. The dealer with robotic discipline taps the felt twice with his hand signifying that he is about to place the final card on the table. The casino is empty. All noise and background chatter ceases and it’s just me, the “gentleman” at the end of the table, and a hand turning the last card over. I am off my seat leaning over the table in hopes to be the first to see the card come.
Nausea tickles my stomach as a bright red seven of diamonds is exposed. I drop back into my seat, disgusted about what has unfolded. My mind is racing with confusion, disbelief, and denial as I stare at the seven that has always been my lucky number. Celebrations at the end of the table erupt as I sit to think about what has been stolen from me. This entire rollercoaster of emotions has happened in less than twenty seconds and I am left exhausted. I get up to go relieve myself with a cigarette so I can torture myself by reliving the moment and trying to determine what I could have done differently. With each drag, my mouth fills with a foul yellow smoke that is thick and bitter. I’m still shaking from the abrupt anti-climax and the cigarette is only a temporary fix. I could go back inside, make one last withdrawal and win it back, easy, but my better judgment kicks in and I call it a night. The ride home empty handed is lonely and seems longer than the time it took to arrive. There’s always tomorrow.
Walking into the casino today, five years later, recalling the major wins and crippling losses, is very enlightening. I think about how young I am today at twenty five and it’s comical how much younger I was back then. Going with my best friend is for pure enjoyment, I am not trying to be the professional degenerate poker player I once sought out to be. But, being there now has a dullness to it that it never had five years ago. The inside continues to be renovated, eliminating that shoddy charm it used to have. With updated electronics and a new kitchen, it can almost pass for a place that people would want to go even if they didn’t gamble. Just as a bitter-sweet sense of nostalgia settles over me, I sit down at a table and hear the sound of all the chips around me and begin to shuffle them myself.
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[HIRING] Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Career Fair (May 11th 5pm to 8pm), All F&B and Culinary Positions Needed!!

SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM THE REST. Looking for a place to rock out and work (or should we say play) for one of the most legendary international brands out there? Then you've come to the right place.
To fit in at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver you'll need to bring out your inner Rock Star! You'll be part of a large, diverse and wickedly cool family! A family which expects you to be energetic, expressive, approachable, friendly & most of all FUN. Oh. . .and while you're at it you'll be delivering wicked awesome service that can be dressed up for any occasion
Our team members 'make things happen' -- whether they're behind-the-scenes, in the spotlight or getting plugged in to our community.
We're hosting Casting Calls (Career Fair for all positions) on:
Thursday May 11th from 5pm to 8pm at Asylum at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver on 2080 United Boulevard (Please enter through the main entrance of the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver and check in with a member of the HR Team)
Bring your current resume and the contact information of 2 professional references.
Let us know what position you're interested in and why (see job postings / descriptions, on our Careers page).
Be prepared - interviews may be conducted on site!
Since the party never stops at Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, candidates must be ready and willing to work a flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends, holidays and graveyards. The hours of work will be based on guest and business needs.
Positions Available: - Commis Chefs/Demi Chefs/Line Cooks/Dishwashers - Bussers/Food Runners - Buffet Servers - Host - F&B Cashiers
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[HIRING] Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Career Fair (April 13th 5pm to 9pm), All F&B and Culinary Positions Needed!!

SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM THE REST. Looking for a place to rock out and work (or should we say play) for one of the most legendary international brands out there? Then you've come to the right place.
To fit in at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver you'll need to bring out your inner Rock Star! You'll be part of a large, diverse and wickedly cool family! A family which expects you to be energetic, expressive, approachable, friendly & most of all FUN. Oh. . .and while you're at it you'll be delivering wicked awesome service that can be dressed up for any occasion
Our team members 'make things happen' -- whether they're behind-the-scenes, in the spotlight or getting plugged in to our community.
We're hosting Casting Calls (Career Fair for all positions) on:
Thursday May11th from 5pm to 8pm at Asylum at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver on 2080 United Boulevard (Please enter through the main entrance of the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver and check in with a member of the HR Team)
Bring your current resume and the contact information of 2 professional references.
Let us know what position you're interested in and why (see job postings / descriptions, on our Careers page).
Be prepared - interviews may be conducted on site!
Since the party never stops at Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, candidates must be ready and willing to work a flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends, holidays and graveyards. The hours of work will be based on guest and business needs.
Positions Available: - Commis Chefs/Demi Chefs/Line Cooks/Dishwashers - Bussers/Food Runners - Buffet Servers - Host - F&B Cashiers
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[HIRING] Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Career Fair (April 13th 5pm to 9pm), All Positions Needed!!

We're hosting Casting Calls (Career Fair for all positions) on:
Thursday April 13th from 5pm to 8pm at Asylum at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver on 2080 United Boulevard (Please enter through the main entrance of the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver and check in with a member of the HR Team)
Bring your current resume and the contact information of 2 professional references.
Let us know what position you're interested in and why (see job postings / descriptions, on our Careers page).
Be prepared - interviews may be conducted on site!
Since the party never stops at Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, candidates must be ready and willing to work a flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends, holidays and graveyards. The hours of work will be based on guest and business needs.
Positions Available: - Commis Chefs/Demi Chefs/Line Cooks/Chef de Partie/Dishwashers - Bussers/Food Runners - Buffet Servers/Host - Ushers - Count Team - Guest Service Supervisors - Guest Service Rep. - Card Dealers - Storekeeper - Security Officers - F&B Shift Supervisor
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Stewarding video - YouTube SML Movie: Goodman's Son Gets a Job! - YouTube SE Supports WBC, KJV & Bullies David Dees - YouTube Gaming and Sports Book Writers and Runners Job Description My pen name is: Soul Esprit - YouTube CES TUTOS N'ONT AUCUN SENS ! 🤯#3 - YouTube - YouTube First Day on the Job Was His Last: What Happened to Day ...

Casino Host Job Description Example. The casino host plays important role in the running of a casino, as he/she performs various duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the success of the casino. Here is a job description example that presents the major role of a host in a casino environment: Market the services of the casino to existing and prospective players ; Intimate the players on new ... Dover Downs Hotel and Casino JOB TITLE: ... Job Title: Runner Date Revised: 3/16/2020 FLSA Status: Non-Exempt Schedule: Based on the business needs Tip Eligible: Yes Job Status: Part …Job Summary The Runner is responsible for running food to tables and presenting the dish with knowledge and professionalism… 3.1. Blue Apron. Runner. Richmond, CA. 11d. Description Runners are responsible for ... 86 Casino Floor Runner jobs available on Apply to Casino Floor Runner, Runner, Writer and more! Casino Floor Runner Job Description Summary Summary: This position is accountable for the following areas: Exceptional customer service, cash handling and accounting, may opera… 4 days ago more... View similar jobs: Lounge jobs in Great Falls, MT; Jobs in Great Falls, MT; LOUNGE FLOOR RUNNER Save. Town Pump. Great Falls, MT Casino Floor Runner Job Description Summary Summary: This position ... Job Description for a Runner. Dirk Huds. Updated September 03, 2019. Share It. Share . Tweet . Post . Email . Print . Growth Trends for Related Jobs. Security Guards and ... $25,830/year /> 2012-2016 +2.9% . Food Preparation ... $21,440/year 2012-2016 -0.3% . Home • Job Descriptions • Restaurant Job Descriptions; Becoming a runner is an ideal way to get a foot in the door of a variety of ... 146 Casino Runner jobs available on Apply to Casino Floor Runner, Runner, Manager and more! Gaming Runner sample job descriptions, sample job responsibilities for Gaming Runner, Gaming Runner job profile, job role, sample job description for Gaming Runner. Casino Floor Runner Job Description Job Overview: Our casino floor runners keep the betting action going. Runners are responsible for sharing opportunities to bet on events, and they collect wagers and make payouts for events that patrons place bets on. When not managing event-related bets, casino floor runners also help gaming dealers run bingo, keno, and similar games. Responsibilities ... Job Description: The parts runner for a broad range of duties in support of all departments throughout…: Assist technicians with parts pulling, parts delivery and other daily needs Assist Inventory with stocking, ordering, and receiving Perform vehicle and shop maintenance Assist … 3.8. Raymond Handling Concepts. Parts Runner. Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles, CA. $10 - $18 Per Hour ... The Bingo Runner is responsible for supplying and advising customers with requested bingo paper and information about the Bingo games operated by Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. The Bingo Runner is also responsible for verification of “Bingo” called by Bingo guests. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:

[index] [25978] [22632] [8941] [14792] [25200] [13400] [32801] [13731] [4787] [16471]

Stewarding video - YouTube

Ninety minutes into his first day on the first job of his life, Day Davis was called over to help at Palletizer No. 4 at the Bacardi bottling plant in Jacks... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. ***Check the Description!. Check the Channel. Subscribe!***You can press Y on locked characters to see info on how to unlock them.So, you got yourself a boar... LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF DEFAMATION: n. the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation. If the defamatory statement is printed or broadcast over the media it is ... Mr. Goodman is making his son get a job so that he can learn the value of money! These are the 10 highest paying jobs you can learn without needing a college degree. Jobs that pay $75,000 and higher. My Stock Portfolio: https://www.patre... Top Ten Jobs for Psychopaths in Today's Economy: ... to stay away from Endurance International because criminals are running that corporation Pending recent class actions against author 'Soul ... Les tutos DIY... Un monde sans limite. 🌕🌕🌕🌕 SUIS-MOI SUR 🌕🌕🌕🌕👉 INSTAGRAM : Joyca👉 TWITTER : Pour toutes ... Gaming and Sports Book Writers and Runners Job Description.